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World War II
NH Prisoners Who Died in Captivity

Ash, Wesley
Balukevicuis, Waldo
Bodnar, Stanley, L.
Brokenshire, Herbert C.
Browne, Charles J.
Chase, Robert P.
Corcoran, James L.
Corliss, Irving A.
Crandall, Robert W.
Cuss, John A.
Douglass, Francis M.
Edwards, Houston E.
Falardeau, Robert C.
Gay, Burt C.
Gervais, Joseph F.
Gilbert, James W.
Hall, George W.
Hall, Robert S.
Henson, Dudley A.
Hodgkins, Jr., Ray K.
Leighton, Harry R.

Lemelin, Albert L.
Lund, Elliott R.
Marston, William H.
Maynard, Roland J.
McLaughlin, Patrick T.
Nourse, Jonas E.
Packard, Henry H.
Papienuk, Adolph S.
Pease, Jr., Harl
Picard, James J.
Pierce, Charles R.
Pineau, Austin J.
Prescott, Paul H.
Rivet, Louis J.
Rush, Douglass B.
Ryder, John F.
St. Laurent, Joseph N.
Stearns, Frederick A.
Sullivan, Josheph A.
Young, Peter M.

28 Purple Hearts to be awarded posthumously

New Hampshire World War II Casualties



We are a completely volunteer organization, veterans and non-veterans, using awareness, communication, education, legislation, and compassion to assuage the pain associated with one of the most devastating outcomes of service to one’s Country. As we honor POW/MIAs, returned and still waiting to come home, we aggressively pursue means to return the missing and protect those serving.
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