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Hesky Park ~ The State's Original POW/MA Memorial

Gov. Lynch, Executive Council Act to Recognize Hesky Park in Meredith as the
State’s Original POW/MIA Memorial

June 4, 2008 ~ PRESS RELEASE

gov. lynch and powCONCORD - Gov. John Lynch and the Executive Council today voted unanimously to pass a resolution accepting the Hesky Park POW/MIA stone and flagpole as a gift from the Town of Meredith and recognizing it as New Hampshire’s original POW/MIA memorial.“I believe strongly we must do everything to honor the service of the many brave New Hampshire men and women who have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, for our freedoms. We must never forget those who have served as prisoners of war, and those who are still missing in action,” Gov. Lynch said.

“For the past 20 years, the people of Meredith have gathered every Thursday to draw attention to the plight and sacrifice of POWs/MIAs,” Gov. Lynch said. “That is why we are proud to recognize the Hesky Park Memorial as New Hampshire’s original POW/MIA memorial.”

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We are a completely volunteer organization, veterans and non-veterans, using awareness, communication, education, legislation, and compassion to assuage the pain associated with one of the most devastating outcomes of service to one’s Country. As we honor POW/MIAs, returned and still waiting to come home, we aggressively pursue means to return the missing and protect those serving.
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