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Freedom Ride

"As an American asked to serve, I was prepared to fight,
to be wounded,
to be captured and even prepared to die,
but I was not prepared to be abandoned."

(Former POW Eugene "Red" McDaniel - Source:


Freedom Ride ~ June 15, 2017
24th Anniversary of the Freedom Ride
29th Anniversary of the Vigil
Hesky Park "The Rock" Meredith, NH

”Ride to the Rock”

Have YOU contacted your legislative leaders concerning the terminology?

Have YOU asked them to account for our POW/MIAs?
Information can be found on the website: www.northeastpowmianetwork.org

Rolling Thunder NH1 will be assisting with the lineup at Lowe’s

Anyone riding should plan on being at Lowe's, 1407 Lake Shore Road [formerly K-Mart Plaza] in Gilford. Plan on being there by *6:00pm ~ lineup is at 6:00pm and we will be leaving the parking lot by 6:15pm with a state trooper escort down route 3 to “The Rock” Hesky Park. We need to arrive at Hesky Park and be prepared for the start of the vigil at 7:00pm.

The New Hampshire Army National Guard will be joining us in support of the Northeast POW/MIA Network Freedom Ride.  The National Guard Hummer will be the last vehicle in the ride following the parade of bikes to Meredith, NH.

* If you are riding with a group we ask that you arrive with the group and fall into the line up ~ we will not allow bumping in the line for safety reasons.

*No vehicles other than the hummer will be allowed to be in with the motorcycles.

Numbers and Voices are important!
This issue belongs to EVERYONE!

Rider information Handout

POW/MIA Vigil..Freedom Ride..'Together Always'

Thursday June 15th, Freedom Ride line up at Lowe's Gilford by 5:00 pm, bikes leaving for Meredith for 7 pm.

24th Anniversary of the Freedom Ride. 29th Anniversary of the Vigil . As has been stated for the many years. Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability are still important.

Over the years people from the area, state and country have gathered in support of those POW's who have returned, their family, as well as those who did not and those MIA's and the abundance of evidence that shows were left behind. The theme, "When one American life is not worth the effort, we as Americans have lost" is still a fact and today with American soldiers, men and women, serving in harm's way, is even more important. We as American must stay vigilant on their behalf in support of their families.

Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability…Facts outweigh Opinions..The Vigil Continues.

Bob Jones

Numbers and Voices are important!

This issue belongs to EVERYONE! It is the hope of all those people who are actively involved in the POW/MIA Northeast Network that this year’s Freedom Ride will exceed all others in attendance. For those who have yet to participate in the Freedom Ride, the real focus of the ride is to bring into light an issue that affects hundreds of Americans and their families, those men and women missing in action or held prisoner during times of war and/or conflict.

The Freedom Ride brings riders to The State’s Original POW/MIA Memorial, “The Rock”, at Hesky Park in Meredith where members of the Northeast POW/MIA Network conduct a vigil to honor those forgotten by our government.The Northeast POW/MIA Network vigil in Meredith gained nationwide attention some 27 years ago when a small group of veterans began holding weekly Thursday night vigils to bring to light the nation’s lack of effort to account for all service men and women missing from Vietnam.

Through times of basking heat, ridged rain storms and mid-winter snows, this small group of people held vigils to gain people’s attention to the fact that members of our armed forces were unaccounted for and forgotten.

If you are unable to participate in the Freedom Ride, please make time to be at Hesky Park for the vigil that begins at 7PM.All are welcome ~ IF YOU ARE NOT A RIDER ~ Please join us ~ you can arrive by vehicle by way of Route 106 N. There is plenty of parking and your voice is important!

Captured by an insurgency, not unlike the Viet Cong, these service members were not designated Prisoner of War. Instead they are given the ambiguous status of Missing/Captured.

Neither International Law or the Geneva Conventions makes any mention of individuals carried by their countries as Missing/Captured or MIA-C. We realize that our enemies violate the rules of international law and the Geneva Conventions regarding the care and treatment of captured American Service Personnel. Terminology will not change that. Terminology does change world perception regarding the value we place on our captured personnel.

Doesn't it downgrade the worth of a battered American service member, displayed on television worldwide, for the Department of Defense to designate him or her Missing/Captured rather than Prisoner of War?

The status Missing/Captured fails to provide this nations service members the moral dignity and international recognition provided by the Prisoner of War status.

Who wants to tell these servicemen they are not a Prisoner of War?

Have YOU contacted your legislative leaders concerning the terminology?

Have YOU asked them to account for our POW/MIAs?


Danny "Greasy" Belcher, Executive Director
Executive Director, Task Force Omega of KY Inc.
Vietnam Infantry Sgt. 68-69
"D" Troop 7th Sqdn. 1st Air Cav.

Are we repeating history in another war with our POW/MIAs?
Sure looks like it.

Click on the link below and read for yourself. You be the judge.
I asked Monica Jensen-Stevenson to review all of the evidence on Afghanistan POW Bergdahl and compare his situtation to Vietnam POW Bobby Garwood. I was seeing the same lies about Bergdahl being told as the truth with out any evidence. He was being abandoned from the start by those in control within our government.

Monica Jensen-Stevenson is a former Emmy award winning producer for Sixty Minutes and the author of Kiss The Boys Goodbye. Her husband William Stevenson is the author of A Man Called Intrepid. Both know the intelligence and media community better than most people. They have always been professional and thorough in investigating a situtation. They are two of only a handful of people I trust on the POW issue and the intelligence gathering community. Their record is the best out there.

Please read Monica's statement and let's do something to bring Afghanistan POW Bowe Bergdahl home. Enough lies and talk with no action. It is time to bring him home.


The Waiting ~ Just four U.S. soldiers are missing in Iraq.
For their parents, it's a lonely vigil.

the waiting story


We are a completely volunteer organization, veterans and non-veterans, using awareness, communication, education, legislation, and compassion to assuage the pain associated with one of the most devastating outcomes of service to one’s Country. As we honor POW/MIAs, returned and still waiting to come home, we aggressively pursue means to return the missing and protect those serving.
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